Rabbit-Eared Antennas and Bull Frogs

I’ve been praying about how to get my kiddos to, out of their own free will and not coerced by me, open the Bible and read a bit. I’ll age myself – when I grew up, our options were making mud pies outside, the limited selection of Atari games, and reading. I chose mud pies and reading. As a side note, once I built a bull frog an “underground” home and put him inside, only to discover the mud covered him. Ok. Embarrassing truth. I buried him thinking he would like a place to hide, then pop his head out of his new hiding spot. Seriously. When he failed to pop out of the ground like a daisy, I realized he could not breathe, and I panicked. Mom, thanks for digging up my poor – but alive – bull frog.

Back to the our playtime options when I was young-er… One windstorm blew down our rabbit-eared antenna. For those of you younger than my generation, those antennas received whatever television channels were broadcast in the direction of our country home. I guess my brother and I watched too much television. Dad decided we needed to stop watching so much television, so he refused to repair that antenna for a WHOLE YEAR. Television withdrawal!! So, it’s Dad’s fault that I was outside burying bull frogs. By force then by choice, I ended up reading most anything I could get my hands on that year and thereafter.

Pinterest - Antenna.jpgMy kiddos are now wanting to make money to buy video games, iTunes cards, and other adolescent and teen gadgets. My parents pay my kiddos for hard country work. I was about to do the same when I thought, What else in addition to hard work do I want my children to learn, before they fly the coop out of our watchful eyes and into the wide world of college and beyond? I hope they form a habit of, and a love for, reading the Bible.  I do not know how this expensive experiment will turn out besides having a slimmer wallet. We pay our kiddos to read the Bible in the hopes that one day they will want to put down their gadgets and fast-paced lives and instead peacefully enjoy God’s Word. We shall see if it will work. This was supposed to be a short post, but I’ll try that another day. Have a beautifully blessed day, and please do not go make an underground house for bull frogs! (Picture credit: Pinterest)

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