If Only I Could Help

Here we are enjoying the extra rain we received from Hurricane Harvey. Our land is flourishing, yet a 5 hour drive yields desperation, homelessness, flooding, and overwhelming need. All I want to do is get loads of displaced people and their pets and bring them up here to feed and clothe. But, our small town is just that – too small. We don’t have the infrastructure to help just yet. It’s difficult knowing that the best way we can help is by sending money and items, and praying. All I would like to do is get my hands dirty and help in whatever way I could. I talk with my friends and family living in Houston – some are “okay for now,” and some are getting flooded. I’m beyond thankful that the Cajun Navy is helping in full force. Dear Lord, please help us help the victims! And Jesus, please help us remember those in silent crises in the future, you know, the ones who don’t have hurricane and media coverage. Please help us to be just as aware of, and generous with, them as we are with those struggling in the hurricane.



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